Step away from the glittery hearts…

Hmm… long time no angry rants.

It’s been festive and then post-festive far too much recently and, to be honest, my opinions about things have ranged from ‘gosh, that’s a lot of food’ to ‘urgh, that might be too much food.’

Today however, I went to my very first wedding fair.

I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the selection on offer, I have a sugar skull chest tattoo called Harriet and tend more towards the panda hat with ears end of the spectrum than high heels and shiny nails. I’m not raelly the person that the Bridal industry is pitching at.

The thing is, it wasn’t awful. I mean, it was all a bit shiny and overpriced and pink and things but, really brutally honestly… not vomitingly bad.

I can’t quite get over the fact that you can be charged £2.50 per chair to make them look like flamboyantly camp ghosts instead of perfectly functional chairs and there were far too many photographers who seemed to think that offering something *gasp* on CD was state of the art but it was, in essence, a building full of people who were there to make a special day… well, special.

This marks the beginning of my decline, I’m sure. I’ve been tearing up over anything with babies recently and will collapse into fits of *squee* if something has a furry catface. I’m learning the ukulele and have had to physically restrain myself from buying these puppies, I can’t bake cakes without covering them in glitter and some of the things I’ve written on post-it notes and left in secret places for my other half to find while I’m out at work would turn Elmo’s stomach from the sheer icky cuteness.

It’s not my fault though, I’m in love. Properly, completely, absolutely and fully. Songs have taken on a new meaning, I watch him doing the most mundane of things and find myself grinning from ear to ear, I carry one of his hankies with me at work so that when it all gets a bit much on a bad shift I can take a deep breath of him. I am a soppy, ridiculous, girly mess.

I’m a sensible person, I understand what’s going on on a physiological front and that this is what a million people have felt before, are feeling now, will feel in the future. But, I really really also know that ours is a *special case* and no-one else *really* understands how very special and deep our love is. Fact.

I guess this is as close as I’ll ever get to religious feeling. Faith and belief based on feeling and conviction alone.

Like I said, it’s the beginning of my decline. ;P

I Love you, you glorious destroyer of sensible female minds.

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