Fuck you, Jenny McCarthy and your little dog too.

I finally got around to watching ‘The Vaccine War’, an interesting documentary by PBS. Unsurprisingly, it got me angry. Really, really angry. If there’s something that’s guaranteed to get my blood boiling it’s the world of vaccine avoiding parents. I don’t care what your logic is, if you refuse to vaccinate your children using an inert vaccine that’s been trialled and tested and used in the wild with minimal to nil negative side effects then you are guilty of being a neglectful parent. A neglectful parent and a terrible human being. I get so angry about this that I have to pause for breath sometimes and try to moderate myself. Then I think, screw it, and just let rip. Here are some facts…


You should vaccinate your child against Hepatitis, it’s NOT just sexually transmitted and it can severely limit your life.

Andrew Wakefield has been struck off for good reason. What he did when researching is classed as assault in medical ethics and his findings were fictional. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

Jenny McCarthy should be ashamed. Generation Rescue is shovelling woo down the throats of parents struggling with a difficult diagnosis and she is the most aggressive and ill-informed of them all. Generation rescue paid for a fucking osteopath to treat a mentally ill woman who was faking dystonia following a flu vaccination. Also,what makes anyone think that getting your tits out professionally makes someone qualified to lecture experts on medical matters? You want to lecture me on how to get my tits out? Go for it. Medical matters? Fuck off.

Can you cure Autism? No. It’s not a disease, it’s a developmental disorder. It’s not caused by a vaccine, and claiming it is is just misdirecting research from where it should be. Helping families accept autism and help individuals with an autistic spectrum disorder to function as an integrated part of society without prejudice against them and with the support they deserve.

Are vaccines safe? Yes. Every treatment comes with a risk, even a paracetamol. Part of being an informed member of society is being able to judge those risks effectively. We even have experts to do this for us and tell us whether the risk is worth the benefit. They’re called experts for a reason.

J. B. Handley is a horrible, terrible human being and I hope that one day he truly realises how much damage he’s done. If I believed in a hell, that’s where I’d hope he was going.

This is the way to correctly look into what is ACTUALLY causing an increase in diagnosed austism spectrum disorders, not a knee-jerk reaction pointing fingers at the nearest thing that you don’t really understand.

How many times do we have to prove them wrong before they’ll listen? A fantastic data set happened to be available to epidemiologists in Denmark thanks to the tracking of individuals healthcare provision and diagnoses. Guess what it showed when analysed? Yep, no strong link could be made between MMR vaccination and the development of autistic spectrum disorders. It feels like waving dinosaur bones under the noses of fundie Christians. If you want to believe in fairy tales, feel free but don’t cause harm to your children or those in the human herd with them by sabotaging what we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I’m getting dangerously close to just shouting again so I’ll have to stop there but I give you fair warning now. If I ever meet you in person and you tell me that you’ve not vaccinated your child because of side-effects like autism or because your girl isn’t sexually active and therefore doesn’t need a vaccine that could stop her from getting fucking cancer, I can’t promise to be polite. If you open your mouth and tell me that you won’t vaccinate because it’s a third world problem, I can’t promise anything.

Oh and Jenny McCarthy? Fuck you.



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4 Responses to Fuck you, Jenny McCarthy and your little dog too.

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  2. aspiepops says:

    Jenny McCarthy’s son never even had autism. He apparently has Landau Kleffner Syndrome, which has nothing to do with vaccines, so what is her problem? And it’s obvious she doesn’t write her own material. She’s just a puppet for the rest of the dipsters who follow her and use her as a mouthpiece. It’s also telling that Dan Olmstead, over at Age of Autism, worked for a new age personality cult owned newspaper (washington times). These people are out to lunch and God knows what they’re eating.

  3. Lysa says:

    God, it is so great that someone tells it like it is – these snake-oil sellers are sooooo happy to have morons like jenny mccarthy rant her rant and anyone who thinks homeopothy will vaccinate their kids is beyond a moron. She should be sued because she is harming children and other peoples’ children – independent scientific research apparently pales in comparison with some blonde chic who is on a show which also thinks it is important to discuss things as moronic as miley cyirus (i can’t even spell this person’s name and am proud of it) — the same damn show that thinks ben afflek should be ‘president’ for an absurd rant on bill maher’s show. God help us when hollywood becomes our science and political science and anthropological gods. thanks for this websiste.

  4. Lysa says:

    …and apologies for even mentioning bill maher’s show, which is often based on sanity, but his b.s. about vaccines ?? actually, his show is therefore just another american televised blunder. personal opinion does not equal evidence or data or anything which our planet so desperately requires….

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