a casual constitution

I’m a lifelong atheist and a natural skeptic… also a nurse.

Sometimes I get interested, sometimes I just get angry. Either way, I have a tendency to rant somewhat… you have been warned.

I make no claims about having superior sources or knowledge compared to anyone else out there but sometimes, just sometimes, I’m going to be right and you’re going to be wrong.

I welcome debate, but don’t tolerate trolls unless they’re living under a bridge and talking to goats.

All opinions are my own (well there’s a topic for conversation) and don’t represent those of my employers, past or present.

I believe that opinion is free and you can believe what you like but I reserve the right to label some beliefs as crazy and some opinions as abhorrent.

All of that being said, I hope this stays a friendly and open place for dialogue… you never know, stranger things have happened.


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