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Good without god…

If you live in the UK and have a penchant for being awake and angry on a Sunday morning, you may have watched ‘The Big Questions’ on BBC One. It’s hosted by Nicky Campbell and is, nominally, a discussion programme … Continue reading

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The agnostic prayer placebo

Hey look, it’s a Sunday so it seems like an appropriate time to be reflecting on faith, religiousity and other such stuff. My faithful companion (the ineffable Holmes to my squidgy faced Watson if you will) James has been taking part in … Continue reading

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I don’t wanna be in your gang.

beware… self-involved navel gazing follows… I have always been an atheist. Even before I knew what the term was, I knew that I didn’t believe in any of the religious teachings that were circulating at the edges of my life. … Continue reading

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On beauty in a Godless world…

Richard Feynman always has seemed to speak the words I have in my head. Here he puts into words the way I feel about experiencing beauty in a world without God. Whenever anyone asks me how I can be moral … Continue reading

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