Tschüß 2013… Kon’nichiwa 2014.

So, what with all of the reviews of 2013 and the such, I thought I’d make a couple of lists…

My 2013 has seen…

1 Big Deal Wedding

21 babies delivered

2 Guinea pigs kept alive

1 Cat, as bitey and fat as ever

5 measly blogposts, including this one

7 newly double-glazed windows

In 2014, I’m aiming high…

1 new qualification, RM because I’ll have 40 deliveries under my belt

2 pigs, 1 cat at the end of the year

365 days of wedded bliss

1 tiny rectangle

12 blogposts at the very least

6 new crochet projects – big and small

A blue Kitchen

A green house

A red front door

A warm heart

A generous spirit

A curious mind

A garden full of life and a home full of contentment

Here’s to 2014 and making the world a slightly nicer place to exist in.

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