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Getting the blather out of the way…

*dusts off keyboard* Why hello there, it’s been a while… I find myself in a position where free time is suddenly all over the place, a statement which hasn’t been true for a number of months. I made it through … Continue reading

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Tschüß 2013… Kon’nichiwa 2014.

So, what with all of the reviews of 2013 and the such, I thought I’d make a couple of lists… My 2013 has seen… 1 Big Deal Wedding 21 babies delivered 2 Guinea pigs kept alive 1 Cat, as bitey … Continue reading

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We got married, and it was pretty awesome.

So, last week… James and I got married. It was a pretty successful day by all accounts and, now that things have settled back down a little bit, I feel like a photodump to capture some of the more obvious moments. … Continue reading

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#nineworlds – con report

Gosh, it’s been a while since I last spouted words into the world. In my defence, I’ve been otherwise engaged… what with the getting married and the midwifery degree and all. We’ve just got back from our mini-honeymoon which involved … Continue reading

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Good without god…

If you live in the UK and have a penchant for being awake and angry on a Sunday morning, you may have watched ‘The Big Questions’ on BBC One. It’s hosted by Nicky Campbell and is, nominally, a discussion programme … Continue reading

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Babies, babies, babies…

They aren’t kidding when they talk about biological clocks are they? Jeez. I think I’ve got a biological timebomb ready to go off. I’ve reached the age at which I am surrounded by friends with babies, expecting babies or planning … Continue reading

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A short piece in which I sit you down with a cup of tea and talk about serious and personal things…

I have depression. It’s not something I tend to talk about, well, ever really. It doesn’t normally impact on my daily life. It’s not something I’ve ever gone to my GP to get medication to treat and it’s not something … Continue reading

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f***ing c***s, s****ing b*****ks and darning it all to H-E double hockey sticks.

Swearing. I fucking love it. I mean, I really fucking love it… it’s part of language and language is a beautiful thing. In fact, George Carlin said much the same thing… Recently, someone made a statement that made me realise … Continue reading

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The agnostic prayer placebo

Hey look, it’s a Sunday so it seems like an appropriate time to be reflecting on faith, religiousity and other such stuff. My faithful companion (the ineffable Holmes to my squidgy faced Watson if you will) James has been taking part in … Continue reading

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a short service announcement…

I never did make any promises about regular updates… the day job doesn’t really allow for that. We just got a bit of a distraction too… but yes… work pressures have relaxed a little (for now…) and I’m planning on … Continue reading

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